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masseria /masseˈria/

 The term masseria (pronounced mahs-seh-REE-ah) is used primarily in southern Italy and most widely in Puglia.


What’s In a Name?

The term masseria captures the idea of creating a domain from the earth:
MASSE: an area of land, and ERIA: a place of production, spinning the word for the house from the word for the land.

We find the connection between the Mediterranean and Appalachia goes beyond food to a lifestyle of sustainability. We plan on continuing this tradition, growing more products specifically for Masseria and finding additional farmers who share our vision.

We will pull together creatively the prolific flavor profiles – from countries like France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, and Morocco – and marry them to a locally sourced ingredient or Southern inspired dish.

A Vision For Blue Ridge.

We have a vision for Blue Ridge. We love this town and its people. We have rooted ourselves here, for better or worse, and plan to continue growing our love and passion for food into more spaces and places so that we can feed and educate the next generation of craftsmen who will rise to the challenge and take our place.

We’re excited to see more farmers, restaurants and visionaries coming to the area and taking pride in what the Appalachian way of life has always stood for – fiercely independent entrepreneurs who appreciate hard work, challenges and a self-sustaining way of life.